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Get the 4th eBook Survey report documenting eBook business and production trends from 2009 - 2012:

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The 4th Annual ebook Survey of Publishers

Revealing the Business of eBooks

2009 - 2012

Gain unprecedented insight into eBook publishers' business and production practices with the results and analysis of the latest eBook publishing survey, conducted in April 2012.

Designed to document the evolving impact of digital media on traditional content publishing and production, the survey represents the Consumer, Professional, Education, and Corporate publishing sectors.
Aptara eBook Survey of Publishers

Sample Results

  • 31% of eBook publishers produce enhanced eBooks, though only 12% correlate the enhancements with a positive impact on sales
  • is the most popular sales channel, used by 68% of eBook publishers. Apple’s iBookstore comes in second at 58%.
  • Amazon is also the most lucrative eBook sales channel. Publishers’ own websites come in a distant second place for generating the most eBook sales.
  • 4 out of 5 publishers now produce eBooks, a 30% increase in three years.